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MEssAgE To My FriEnD

"有时我给我的朋友发短信”用英语怎么说?Sometimes I send short messages to my friend.


英语翻译 明天晚上见,你能给他捎个口信吗?我正给我的一个I'll see you tomorrow night, can you give him a message? I'm writing to a friend of mine, have some orange juice

英语翻译 急Very sorry about that. All I could do was to ask a classmate to forward the message. I will email my recording to yo

iMessage+Find my friend 查找我的朋友,有没有新加坡的的我是四川的,不在新加坡,不过有可能会经常去那里出差,哈哈哈 查看更多答案>>

求翻译,汉译英,少语法错误。I got an information form my friend who told me the fengsel junior high school is hiring some volunteers. I think I am

这些翻译成英语 谢谢!感激不尽!!!回答:Hi!How's it going now?(很地道,很轻松的说法)It's my first time to write letter,so it's just simple like

you like [ ] [ ]the message to your friendto give

an e-mail message to a friend.Say why you can'tWhat Is Friendship?Jan Wilson Friendships are relaxed,loyal relationships that involve

Write an e-mail message to a friend .Say why youDear Mary,Hello.This is Susan.I am sorry that I can't visit you next week.My


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