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英语作文10句话大全「迟到时」会讲的十句话 1. I'm sorry for being late.抱歉我迟到了.2. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.抱歉让你

英语作文10句话My name is xxx . I am xx years oid . My mather is xxx and my father

10句话以上的英语作文'我被炒鱿鱼了' 十句话 1. I got fired.我被炒鱿鱼了。 2. I got the boot.我被开除了。 3. I got the ax.我

英语作文(十句话左右)Beijing Local Customs Modern life in Beijing today is constantly changing and improving. Some of the traditional customs have

关于一篇英语作文【10句话左右】Therefore, the cars are going to exert great effects on our family, economy and environment.(2句)Firstly, possessing a car may

英语作文十句话,怎么写?(五年级的英语作文)My name is xxx .I am xx years oid .My mather is xxx and my father is xxx .I

六篇英语作文(10句左右)My name is Tom Lee. I am fourteen. I study at No. 4 ICT School, not a very

英语作文,不少于10句话Having a grand vacation is my dream since I was a child.I remember when I was in

英语作文(不少有10句话)My name is Lilei. Last Saturday I went the zoo with my friend Wangwei. We saw a lot of animals in the zoo. There

10句话以上的英语作文表达「确定」、「有把握」的十句话: 1. Absolutely!/ Definitely! 那当然! 2. It's certain.那是


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